Therapeutic Ear
Piercing in
Mandurah using
Auricular Therapy

Avellion Therapeutic Piercing - Auricular Therapy - Pain Addiction Anxiety


Quit Smoking

Auriculotherapy creates instant relief from smoking addiction, causing cigarettes to burn your mouth and throat, make you feel sick when attempting to smoke.

Weightloss and Sugar Addiction

Auricular Therapeutic Piercings stop sugar and junk food cravings while reducing the anxiety surrounding food cravings instantly.

Chronic and Debilitating Pain

Auriculotherapy reduces nearly all pain, including migraines, back pain, arthritis, Lupis, broken bone, Ross River Virus, Fibromyalgia, Spurs, foot pain and Bursers.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Helping to improve your anxiety symptoms, allowing you to breath easier and achieve a deeper sleep.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Cut back or stop drinking completely and get a hold on drug cravings with a combination of Auriculotherapy and Hypnotherapy treatments.

How does Auriculotherapy work?

Founded by Dr. Paul Nogier, Auriculotherapy is a technique used by traditional Chinese practitioners to manage health issues in the body.

Dr. Nogier discovered that the ear resembles an upside down fetus and that there where connections between certain points of the ear and the corresponding regions of the brain that affect the physical wellbeing of the body.

Dr. Nogier created a map showing how different parts of the ear connect to various aspects of the body and overall health.

Finding that, through stimulation of different points on the ear, Dr. Nogier could improve various illnesses within the body itself, alleviating pain by affecting the nervous system.

Dr. Nogier’s discovery highlights the importance of the ear’s impact on the nervous system through cranial nerves that innervate throughout the ear, creating a much more direct connection to the brain compared to other nerves within the body.

Stimulating certain points on the ear can have an immediate and direct effect on certain areas of the body.

Dr. Nogier proposed that Auricular points and their corresponding body areas are influenced by the Vagus Nerve, which is one of the longest nerves within the body. Originating from the brain and traveling through various regions of the body.

Avellion Therapeutic Piercing - Auricular Therapy - Pain Relief Diagram

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