You have the power
to break free from your struggles!

Are you determined to make changes in your life? We give you the helping hand you need to pierce away the pain.

Quit Smoking Mandurah - Pain Free Piercing Mandurah
Manage Anxiety Mandurah - Manage Weight Loss Mandurah
Manage alcohol addition Mandurah - Change Your Life Piercing

Mandurah’s specialised alternative therapy, helping you reclaim control.

You’ve tried everything. Every remedy and treatment modern medicine has to offer. But your heart sinks when yet again the problems haven’t gone away. You feel stuck in a rut; we hear you, we know your pain and we want to help you reclaim your life.

Life is full of challenges that control our lives. It’s time to beat the odds, take back your power and find the freedom you always dreamed of.

At Avellion Therapeutic Piercings Mandurah we are here to be your helping hand, your pathway out of the darkness. We offer alternative medicinal treatments to give you lasting relief from the pain and suffering you feel. Therapeutic piercing could be the answer to all the challenges you have been facing. Including Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, manage Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction!

Therapeutic Piercing can help with a range of issues and concerns

quit smoking Mandurah

Quit Smoking

Manage Anxiety Mandurah

Manage Anxiety

Manage Sugar Addiction Mandurah

Sugar Addiction

Weight Loss Help Mandurah

Help Weight Loss

Manage Reduce Cravings Mandurah

Reduce Cravings

Manage Junk Food Addiction Mandurah

Junk Food Addiction

Migraine Relief Piercing Mandurah - Pain Free Piercing

Help Chronic Pain

Manage Alcohol Addiction Mandurah

Alcohol Addictions

Help with Sleep and Insomnia Mandurah

Sleep & Insomnia

Migraine Relief Piercing Mandurah - Help with Pain Mandurah

Migraine Relief

Manage Drug Addiction Mandurah - Manage Anxiety Mandurah

Manage Drug Addiction

Help to Improve Breathing Mandurah

Improve Breathing

Are you ready to pierce through the darkness to find your Freedom?

How does therapeutic piercing work?

You’ve tried everything and you’re at the end of your tether! But why would therapeutic piercings work when nothing else has? We totally get the hesitation, you don’t want to get your hopes up, only for them to be dashed again. 

Where modern medicine has failed you time and time again, natural therapies have a proven track record for centuries! At Avellion Therapeutic Piercing we practice in Auricular Therapy. Also referred to as Auriculotherapy, this is the practice of Acupuncture of the ear which produces a balancing and homeostatic effect on your body. 

Areas of the ear connect to different parts of the central nervous system. Through stimulating specific points, the meridians located in the piercing site are triggered, restoring flow of vital energy to help relieve your symptoms. 

Manage Anxiety Mandurah - Change Your Life Mandurah
Manage Anxiety Mandurah - Manage Alcohol Addiction Mandurah
Quit Smoking Mandurah - Alternative Therapy Mandurah

Your steps to success

Let’s set you up for success! In order to get the best results, we need to have a good understanding of the problems you are facing and recommend the procedures that are going to serve you best! Then we need to walk you through our 4 week plan to ensure your problems will pierce off, and your freedom can be restored.

Manage Anxiety Mandurah - Avellion Body Piercing

Let us know what challenges you are facing

Understanding the problems you are having is important in order to know exactly where your piercings will need to be placed. 
Weight Loss Help Mandurah - Alternative Therapy Mandurah

Have your therapeutic treatment

Book your treatment with Simone and come into our Studio in Mandurah to have your initial piercing appointment. 
Manage Alcohol Addiction Mandurah - Weight Loss Help

Have your follow up appointment

This is vital! Without your follow up appointment we cannot shorten your earring bar to ensure maximum results. 
Migraine Relief Piercing Mandurah - Pain Free Help

Break the chains and take back your power

As your piercing heals and is adjusted, you will notice drastic changes, allowing you to reclaim the power over your life. 

Simone’s Story

With 30 years in the professional piercing industry, Simone felt a passion to find more meaning the work she did. After learning about therapeutic piercing, Simone used her skills to bring freedom to her mother’s life, helping to relieve her chronic pain! This experience lit a fire in Simone’s heart, creating the drive to learn more about the Chinese medicinal art of auricular acupuncture. Through her travels within and around Asia she was able to draw from ancient medicine to create a permanent solution to life long challenges.

difficult roads
lead to beautiful

Success Stories!

At Avellion Therapeutic Piercing, Simone has helped countless people overcome their pain and challenges through piercing treatments. Listen to their experiences and how their life has been impacted by Auricular Therapy!