About Avellion Therapeutic Piercing

Simone’s Story

I have been a body piercer for over 33 years and been a business owner for much of that time, both providing piercing services and training other practitioners.

I pride myself on giving the best service and outcome possible at each treatment and have pierced hundreds and thousands of people over this time. Having always had a holistic approach to everyday life and including my work.

Over a 15-year period, I travelled extensively throughout most of Europe and Asia, seeing and learning things that have opened my eyes to the fact that there is more out there than we understand, the possibilities are endless.

Many years ago at the start of my career, one of my apprentices pierced my Daith. At the time this was considered a fashionable piercing. I had been suffering from crippling migraines which disappeared upon having my Daith piercing.

Fast forward to 6 and a half years ago, it is well known that Daith piercing helps migraines. This was the start of my journey into Auricular Therapy and how this treatment could help as a quit smoking and weight loss therapy. Leading me to research further into Auricular Therapy.

Auricular therapy as a treatment has been practiced throughout Europe for over 20 years but not in Australia.

Beginning the journey of providing Auricular Therapy has been difficult and comes with mistakes along the way. But it was working, I was able to help people ease their struggles and over time perfected the treatment with a success rate that is through the roof.

Through time I found I had the ability to employ hypnotism and with practice I became better at this as well.

About My Hypnotherapy

I use hypnotherapy in conjunction with Auricular Therapy to tie everything together. I am a natural hypnotist, and I am not trained or certified in hypnotism.

For some unexplainable reason, I have developed this skill and can obtain a result in less than a minute by touch.
The method I use is extremely powerful, all while you are completely conscious. We can talk normally, and you are completely aware of what is happening at all times.
The purpose and usefulness of this is that I can put in a pain block for the piercings as well as use it to calm and relax my clients.

Hypnosis is also used to set your addiction treatment once your piercing has been finalised.

A few examples of where hypnosis is used in my practice:
When treating smokers, I use hypnosis to change their thought processes around smoking. I also use hypnosis to make you feel ill at the thought of smoking.

When treating for weight loss I use hypnosis to change the way you look at food. Turning off receptors that promise you comfort when you eat chocolate, ice cream or burgers.

All treatments are tailored to your individual needs as there is no one size fits all solution to any problem.


Simone Buncher - Avellion Therapeutic Piercing Mandurah

Am I perceptible?

There is no guarantee that I will be able to hypnotise you. Some people are not receptive to hypnotism and are stronger than others at blocking hypnotic suggestions.

Do I have to be hypnotised?

If you are not comfortable with the idea of being hypnotised, this is also ok. The Auricular Therapy will work despite this.