We strive to help you break free from the pain that controls your life!

Through Therapeutic Ear Piercing, we focus on relieving your chronic pain and help you break the chains of various addictions. We empower you to take action, gain control and reach your life’s greatest potential!

What is Therapeutic Piercing?

At Avellion therapeutic Piercing, we focus on providing you with Auricular Therapy that delivers instant and lasting relief from your pain and suffering. Auricular Therapy is the practice of acupuncture of the ear, creating simulation within the nervous system, restoring the flow of qi (the circulating energy within our body).

This therapy is an integrative medicine treatment developed from research in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Neurological Reflex Therapies. Through discoveries in Europe and Asia, acupuncture of the ear has proven to be very effective at treating hard to manage issues and health challenges.

About Avellion Therapeutic

Our bodies are complex and interconnected, helping holistic therapists to understand the root of your chronic pain, anxiety attacks and addictive natures. Through the study of integrative medicine, we know that areas of the ear connect to different parts of the central nervous system. With years of training and experience, auricular therapists can observe and find reactive reflex points corresponding with the challenges you are experiencing. Exact reflex sites vary for each individual and finding these specific points is both an art and a science. When pierced, the meridians located in the piercing site are triggered, restoring flow of vital energy to help relieve your symptoms.

While typically Auricular therapy is administered as a temporary acupuncture needle to your ear, at Avellion Therapeutic Piercing, we have worked to create a more permanent solution. Creating permanent piercing sites within your ear using labret piercing posts, we are able to provide you with long term relief from your ailments.

Simone’s Story

Simone Buncher is the visionary and founder of Avellion Therapeutic Piercing. With over 30 years’ experience as a body piercer, found herself looking for more meaning within her work. While creating the aesthetic appeal her loyal clients were looking for gave her joy, she lacked the fulfilment she always desired for her career. Wanting to add more value into the lives of other, Simone continually searched for more, for a way to serve her clients better.

After her mum began to experience the debilitating effects of chronic pain, Simone started researching Chinese and Traditional Medicine to find a way to relief some of the constant pain. It was during this time that she found the healing power of acupuncture, more specifically auricular therapy! With the help of an acupuncturist, Simone’s mum was able to find some relief between sessions, however the results never lasted long term! This was disappointing, but also lit a fire in Simone’s heart to find a way to help! Through extensive research into these ancient medicinal practices, Simone was able to test out her theory of permanent auricular piercings to relief her mum’s pain. 5 years later, Simone is thankful to report that her mum is still pain free!

Through travelling over South East Asia, Simone was able to learn more and perfect her treatments. She visited countless places including Japan, India and China to learnt the many intricacies of the healing power of piercings. Through hard work, many tests and the learning curve of errors, Simone now offers incredibly effective auricular piercing therapy for pain, anxiety and countless additions.

What’s on the Horizon?

While the techniques used to help treat and control chronic pain, migraines and addictions have great success, Simone has started her research into helping stroke survivors. These are new and exciting discoveries for Avellion, and the results are already very astounding! There is still a long way to go in helping with muscle weakness and retardation, however if you are looking for an alternative way to find further healing, please get in touch to discuss research opportunities today!