What to expect when you come in for a treatment



The first step is to make a booking.

Remember that I can get very busy, so a few days to a week will ensure a booking.

The treatment with me will take around half an hour.

We start by having a chat about your needs so I can get a clear picture of what is going on so I can decide on the simplest way to treat you.



I will then set up everything that I need. From here, if you are susceptible, I will put you under a light hypnosis and set tests to make sure you are comfortable and setup for pain block.

I will sterilize the area and commence your treatment.

The piercing will take seconds and the pain is minimal. Once the jewellery is in place you will notice strong reactions in your mouth. The effect of the treatment is instant.

For example, if we are treating lung function, you will instantly be able to breath.

For smoking, you will experience dry mouth, and a foul taste. That is the nicotine releasing. I will then set everything in with hypnosis to complete the treatment.


Follow up

It is vital that you book your follow up appointment with Jake after having your initial treatment done. This will be 3 weeks after your piercing.

As swelling goes down and the bars loosen in your ear, you may find some of your symptoms returning. This does not mean the treatment has been unsuccessful, adjustments just need to be made.

In your follow up appointment, Simone will assess and shorten the bars to gain the best results for your symptoms.


All Standard Treatment Plans


per treatment

All treatments include Initial Appointment, Follow Up Appointment, Piercing Jewellery and After Care Pack.

2 Treatments in 1 Sitting


per sitting

2 treatments in a single sitting receive a discounted rate.