Alcohol Addiction

For those who want to stop completely

This treatment involves two piercings located at the top of each ear, providing you with instant relief from alcohol cravings, making you feel ill at the thought of drinking.

An added benefit of this treatment is a minor anti-anxiety effect due to the location of the piercings.

If you are susceptible, I will also use hypnosis to set this treatment in place.

I like to perform an after test, whereas you bring in your preferred alcohol to see your reaction. The aim is for you to experience a loss of taste while the smell makes you feel unwell.

This treatment is for those that wish to stop drinking completely and requires at least 1-2 follow up appointments to make sure everything is working and to do further work with hypnosis as required.

For those who want to cut back

The treatment for cutting back is two piercings at the top of the right ear and will result in weight loss as well as a reduction in alcohol cravings.

Due to the single piercing point the effect is not as strong. You will only want 1-2 drinks on occasion and your body will reject anything that is not good for it.

Relief from alcohol and drug dependencies through Auricular Therapeutic Piercing.

Drug Addiction

The drug involved and your level of addiction will affect whether I am able to help you.

Marijuana Addiction

I nearly always get a positive result from this treatment. It involves two piercings at the top of each ear, both in the addiction point. The result is instant and will take away all cravings. I help set this in with additional hypnosis techniques and require a follow up visit.

Prescription Medication

I also nearly always have a positive result. This is also two piercings at the top of each ear. The piercing has a calming effect which helps in reducing cravings of prescription drugs.

Heavy Drug Addiction

Meth, Cocaine, LSD

Things can get a bit trickier here. First, the length of time you have been using can really play into it. The ‘want’ to give up must be there. If you are looking for a quick fix I am not your girl!


  1. You must have been using for less than 10 years
  2. You must come in to see me off your own back not brought in reluctantly by a parent or partner
  3. You must take responsibility for payment, this cannot be a gift.

If you feel you fit this criteria then please give me a call and I will try to help you in any way that I can. The placement of jewellery will depend on your personal circumstances.