Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Lung Function Anxiety Treatment

The Anxiety Auricular therapeutic treatment involves two piercings in the ball of each ear just above the earlobe. This is in the accupressure point for lung function and this treatment works instantly!

If you find your breath stops in your high chest then this treatment will definitely help you. It will instantly take your breath from your higher chest right down into your diaphragm. The moment the metal hits the pressure point you will be able to take a full breath on the side that is treated.

This will instantly improve anxiety, as being able to take a deep breath is what calms us.


When we don’t breathe properly we can’t go into deep sleep REMs. Once our breathing improves so do our social anxieties, phobias, concentration, overthinking and PTSD. This will help reduce addiction tendancies. I always see my clients up to three times with this treatment to shorten bars, check healing and to use the hypnosis when needed.