Smoking & Vaping

Stop Smoking Treatment

The stop smoking treatment is two piercings. The exact location will depend on how old you are, how much you smoke and the shape of your ears.

This treatment is the hardest to achieve simply because of how ingrained the addiction is.

Firstly, you need to be ready to stop smoking. Then I will stop at nothing to help you.

The Stop Smoking treatment usually involves two piercings either at the top of each ear or two positions on the right ear.

The effect is instant and will cause cigarettes to burn and make you feel sick if you attempt to smoke.

For stronger smoking addictions there is a third piercing point that is employed at no extra cost.

Smokers often have a compromised immune system, allowing for a higher chance of infection at the piercing locations. For this reason, it is essential that the After Care Guide is followed closely. If you work away, we advise that you have antibiotics on hand or the ability to access medical assistance if necessary. Anti-inflammatories will help with swelling if required.

Quit smoking with Auricular Therapeutic Piercing and hypnotism.

Stop Vaping Treatment

Vaping is often a stronger addiction and harder to beat because there are less restrictions on where someone can vape. We find that Vapers often sleep with their vape which makes beating the habit harder.

As a result, the nicotine that you receive from vaping is often higher than 50 to 100 cigarettes a day. I see the attachment that people have to these pieces of plastic, often targeted toward teenagers and young adults, causing this addiction to be harder to break than some of the worst drugs.

Because of the limitations placed on smokers and the general free for all of vapers, my success rate with smokers is 90% and with vapers it is 80%.