Weight Loss & Cravings

Beat cravings with Auricular Therapeutic Piercing and hypnotherapy.

Weight Loss Treatment

The weight loss treatment is two piercings located at the top of the right ear.

The first will instantly stop all cravings for sugar and junk foods. (i.e. processed or fatty foods) You will also experience a reduction in anxiety around not having food cravings.

The second piercing is for portion control, effectively allowing you to feel fuller with less food.

The effect is instant and permanent while your jewellery remains securely in place.

What to expect after your treatment

You may experience some swelling after the treatment. With this in mind, we use longer bars to allow for the swelling and require you to attend a follow up appointment to put in a shorter bar.

Your follow up appointment is very important for the continued effectiveness of your treatment.

The sugar addiction piercing will curb all cravings for sugary foods, (cakes, sweets, biscuits, chocolate, and sugary drinks) and junk foods (processed foods, takeaways, cheese and biscuits and fried foods). Switching your cravings to healthy options. A bit like a pregnant lady will crave foods that are healthy for their body.

This means your body will dictate what you need instead of your mind.

How much weight will I lose?

Your weight loss will depend on how much you have to lose. Your body will lose weight until a point where it will level out and maintain itself at a healthy level.

You will also notice a much larger water intake, even for people who don’t drink water.