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Frequently asked questions

Will my piercing hurt?

Like any piercing, while the needle pierces the cartilage in your ear there will be pain. However, this pain is temporary and will dissipate shortly after the treatment has finished. Remember, short term pain, for long term gain! These moments of pain are worth the lifetime for freedom it will bring.

Can I use numbing cream?

If you are worried about the pain during treatment, you can use numbing cream prior to your appointment. Please inform Simone of this before she commences your treatment.

What do I do if my piercing gets infected?

Infection in piercings of the cartilage of the ear is very common due to the increased healing time of these types of piercings, compared to the ear lobe. Mild Irritation and redness may occur, but if the correct after care precautions are taken these symptoms will dissipate without medical treatment.

If you notice any symptoms of infection, please seek immediate medical attention from your local GP. Do not remove the piercing as this will cause the infection to be trapped inside the infected site as it scabs over.

Symptoms of moderate to severe infection are:

  • Fever
  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Yellow/green pus or discharge from piercing site
  • Itching or burning

Head to our After Care Guide to learn more about caring for your piercing.

Please note that Avellion ensures a safe and sterile environment. However, we can not be held accountable for infection, as how you care for your piercing is out of our control.

Why is my follow up appointment necessary?

As swelling reducing in the piercing site, the bars will loosen, reducing pressure on the trigger points. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, we need to review the site and shorten the bars to give you the best results.

What is the success rate of my treatment?

Auricular Therapy at Avellion Therapeutic is Precision work. When we hit the right points, we get outstanding results. Unfortunately, we cannot promise a 100% guarantee on our services. If you are concerned your piercing has not been effective, please book in a follow up appointment for review and shorting of your bars to ensure we have maximised the opportunity for success. Upon review we will determine the success of the treatment and will rectify accordingly.

These procedures work for 95% of people. Unfortunately for 5% of people, this type of alternative treatment can prove ineffective for reasons outside of our control.

Your follow up appointment is imperative, do not skip this step!

Can I remove my piercing?

Wherever your piercing is located on your ear, to remove, twist the ball located at the front anti-clockwise and then clockwise to tighten when re-inserting.

Please note that when you remove your piercing the effects of the treatment will no longer be effective.

Will I see instant results?

All piercings will be instant and permanent. If you do not feel any change, speak to Simone during your appointment so that she can review the situation.

Can Therapeutic Piercing help relieve Stroke damage?

One of the new areas of research we are involved in is, how effective can therapeutic piercing be for stroke survivors. While research is still in the early days, we have seen great results for pain, muscle weakness and muscular retardation.

Are you a stroke survivor that is looking for relief from pain and damage? Get in touch with Simone about being part of the research!

How does Therapeutic Piercing work?

This therapy is an integrative medicine treatment developed from research in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Neurological Reflex Therapies.

Through the study of integrative medicine, we know that different locations on the ear relate to the reflex points corresponding with various areas of the nervous system. These areas, in turn, affect different health challenges we face. When pierced, the meridians located in the piercing site are triggered, restoring flow of vital energy to help relieve your symptoms.