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Frequently asked questions

Does this piercing hurt?

Yes, but only for a couple of seconds as I have been piercing for many years, I am very quick. The hypnosis also reduces the pain as I will put in a pain block for those that are susceptible.

Can I use numbing cream?

Yes you can but you must tell me so I can make sure to remove it all off before your treatment.

Do your treatments work on everyone?

No nothing will work on everyone. However, the success rate is extremely high. Some people may be trickier than others that is why I have a 3 week follow up to ensure everything is working correctly and can adjust by changing bars if needed.

Do you give a 100% guarantee?

No, I can’t tell by looking at you whether this treatment will work. But I will commit to helping you get your desired result. Although I can’t help everyone my success rate is in the 90% range.

Will I get an infection?

I am very thorough with my aftercare guide, and I will spend a lot of time going over this with you. Although I can’t control what happens after you leave my clinic, I am always at the end of the phone to help and guide you through the process.

Are you covered by the health department as a professional body piercer?

Yes definitely. I have been under the health department for 35 years and have two on the spot checks a year by the Mandurah City Council Health Department. I comply with all laws regarding sterilization and operation of a professional piercing studio.