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Auricular Therapy is the practice of Acupuncture of the ear which produces a balancing and homeostatic effect on your body.

What makes us different at Avellion is that we provide a once-off treatment which is a permanent solution.

Director and Founder of Avellion Therapeutic Simone Buncher have over 26 years of experience, with outstanding results helping you pierce away your problems, and live your best life!

Are you struggling to:

Quit Smoking

Lose Weight

Improve Chronic Pain

Manage Anxiety

Relieve Migraines & Headaches

Stay Sober & Control Addiction

You’re at the end of your tether; your options are looking slim! You have struggled for years without finding a solution that works long-term! We feel for you and understand the pain.

Here at Avellion we are ready to treat the hard-to beat struggles of life. Let us know your particular challenge and Simone will fill you in on the piercing options that will help you!

Is Therapeutic Piercing Effective?

These procedures work for 95% of people. Unfortunately for 5% of people, this type of alternative treatment can prove ineffective for reasons outside of our control.

Auricular Therapy at Avellion Therapeutic is Precision work. When we hit the right points, we get outstanding results. Unfortunately, we cannot promise a 100% guarantee on our services. If you are concerned your piercing has not been effective, please book in a follow up appointment for review and shorting of your bars to ensure we

have maximized the opportunity for success. Upon review we will determine the success of the treatment and will rectify accordingly. 

Your follow up appointment is imperative, do not skip this step! Please note that Avellion ensures a safe and sterile environment.

However, we can not be held accountable for infection, as how you care for your piercing is out of our control.

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