Weight Loss

Two piercings are located at the top of the right ear, one is for addictions and will control your cravings for sugar and junk food, and the second is for portion control, helping to reduce the amount you eat.

The piercings are designed to stimulate the pressure points that control appetite. We can provide weight loss help Mandurah.

Weight Loss Help Mandurah

2 piercings on the top right Ear

Upper Piercing – Blocks sugar and junk food cravings
Lower Piercing – Helps with portion control and appetite

This will help with:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Stops sugar cravings and addiction
  • Stops junk food cravings and addiction
  • Reduces desire to comfort eat
  • Increase the desire for healthy food
  • Changes your taste buds’ response to preservatives

This treatment is particularly effective for people who have had bariatric surgery or have stomach sleeves. This is because this therapeutic treatment helps to curb addictions and lower your cravings for food that would normally cause you to gain weight.


Your results will be instant and permanent while the piercing remains in your ear.

How much weight will I lose:

This depends on the person and how much additional weight they need to lose. Our patients have seen between 3kg and 6kg each week. The weight loss will be steady but healthy. This is a great way to lose weight due to portion control and craving issues.

Please note that because this treatment focuses on weight loss due to craving, addiction and overeating, it will not help if your primary issue is due to a health condition such as hypothyroidism or steroid medication.

Do you already have piercings in your ear?

Some people experience enhanced craving for sugar and junk food if a piercing is in a triggering location. To see if this is the case, remove the piercing and leave out to see if the cravings subside.

Weight Loss Help Mandurah